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Awaiting the End of the World

Barcanova, 2023
128 pages
Children’s and YA : YA Fiction

Tot esperant la fi del món

Awaiting the End of the World

Francesc Puigpelat

"A comic novel that begins with an apocalyptic misunderstanding and shows us the order of priorities of a teenager facing the collapse of the world... And you? What would you do before the end of the world?"

It all starts with Fiona’s mistaken interpretation of a fragment of an email. This happens at the same time as another premonitory event: her father, a Catalan police bigwig, has been called to a meeting in Brussels with other international security forces. Everything makes sense: the end is near! But, as she cannot save the world from doom, Fiona can only do one thing: make the most of the time left. She writes the things she wants to do before the apocalypse: her first kiss, a parachute jump, meet Rosalía... All this while awaiting the end of the world.


Esther Franch
Larousse Editorial

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  • Guillem Cifre de Colonya Children's and Young Adult's Prize 2023

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