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The Odyssey

Inuk Books, 2023
272 pages
Children’s and YA : YA Fiction


The Odyssey

Meritxell Blay
Genie Espinosa

"The definitive adaptation of Homer's classic, approved by the renowned Casa dels Clàssics publishing house, recounted with rich and dynamic vocabulary, and compelling illustrations that will captivate a new generation of readers"

«I have travelled to unknown lands, I have reached the end of the world, I have descended into Hades from which no man has ever returned alive, I have seen incredible beasts, wild monsters, cannibals, giants, unthinkable creatures. And I have lost everything. Let me explain how I have reached this point after so many years lost at sea. I want to begin by saying my name: Odysseus, son of Laertes, from the island of Ithaca. And this is my story.»


Marina Huguet

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