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The Mysterious and Surprising House of my Grandpa

Combel, 2023
32 pages
Children’s and YA : Picture Books

La misteriosa i sorprenent casa de l'avi

The Mysterious and Surprising House of my Grandpa

Xavier Salomó
Meritxell Martí

"After the success of The Amazing Creepy Granny House, the renowned creative tandem Martí and Salomó is back with a book full of details, with flaps to uncover and clues to decipher that will put to the test the reader’s attention"

Grandpa is a retired pirate who lives alone in an old, quirky house full of secrets. As every weekend, he eagerly awaits the arrival of his granddaughter. But when she arrives, there is no trace of Grandpa nor his parrot, Nam-Nam. Here begins an expedition in which the protagonist will have to discover clues hidden in the bedrooms of a house that looks like a ship; that is reminiscent of sailor taverns; with camouflaged halls, hideouts and secret caves; where you can find strange animals and songs and memories, even oceans, treasure islands and old pirates brimming with ideas!


Esther Serra
Editorial Casals

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  • Bayard Éditions (French)
  • Combel (Spanish)
  • Drapa (Icelandic)
  • Il Castello (Italian)
  • Nanmee (Tradicional chinese)
  • Yagmur (Turkish)


  • Bóksalaverðlaunin Award 2023

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