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A Monster Story

Bromera, 2024
46 pages
Children’s and YA : Picture Books

Una de monstres

A Monster Story

Rocio Bonilla Raya

"This new picture book by internationally acclaimed author Rocio Bonilla shows us that looks can be deceiving and that monsters can be the sweetest company"

Teo and his twin are practically identical. They have the same height, the same hair colour and the same freckles on their face... Practically, because they look nothing alike and their tastes are very different! But these differences disappear when they do what they most enjoy: bake cakes. And who says baking is not dangerous? While buying ingredients at the market on a Saturday, they come across something that freezes them. Among the shops, a monstrous secret is hidden! They glimpse tails and tentacles beneath the trousers and skirts of sellers. Who are they? Where do they come from? And what’s more important: will they like cakes?


Carol Borràs

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