Institut Ramon Llull/ Newsletter # 94

MARCH 2019 / NY, USA

New York

Literature.  New York,  01/03/2019

Marina Garcés, lecture at the Graduate Center CUNY

Prof. Marina Garcés was invited to teach a course for graduate students this Spring semester at the Mercè Rodoreda Chair, at the Graduate Center - CUNY. The course under the title "Condición póstuma y emancipación. Una mirada desde el sur de Europa" will be taught in Spanish. The Mercè Rodoreda Chair was established in 2003 and is co-funded by Institut Ramon Llull.


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Cinema.  Austin, TX,  15/03/2019

7 Reasons To Run Away (From Society), world premiere at SXSW 2019

The family, the poor kid who appears on TV, the sixth floor neighbors, the tenant and the real estate agent, the business couple, the guy progress has run-over and the couple about to get married. Seven stories that mix horror and comedy. Seven moments of black comedy as strange as unexpected. Seven surreal visions of a society that can't progress, a dysfunctional society.

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Yale University,  27/03/2019

Investigative documentary filmmaker Montserrat Armengou, lecture at Yale

Montserrat Aremngou Martin, Yale Poynter Fellow, will frame this topic by discussing the impunity of the crimes against humanity committed by the Falange of General Franco. Margherita Tortora, senior lector II of Spanish, will moderate the discussion.

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Music.  New York,  28/03/2019

Joan Manuel Serrat: Mediterraneo Da Capo

"Joan Manuel Serrat was perhaps the most well-known and successful of the crop of singer-songwriters to come to prominence in a rapidly changing country in the late 60s and early 70s." -- The Guardian

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Visual Arts.  New York,  07/04/2019

La Nau Gaudí: Artists from Mataró

Fourteen exclusive pieces created ad hoc by seven different artists will be shown for the first time in New York. The outcome is a contemporary Catalan art recognition, driven by Lluís and Carmen Bassat and produced by the Consorci Museu d’Art Contemporani de Mataró, whose headquarters are located on the Nau Gaudí, the first building built by the architect Antoni Gaudí in the municipality of Mataró.

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Language.  Chicago,  30/04/2019

Prof. Helena Buffery, Coromines Visiting Professor at Chicago University this Spring semester

The Joan Coromines Visiting Chair of Catalan Studies was created in 2005 thanks to the generous support of the Institut Ramon Llull and is named in honor the eminent philologist and hispanomedievalist, Joan Coromines (1905-1997). Prof. Coromines taught at the University of Chicago from 1946 until his retirement in 1967, and was known for both his contributions to Romance philology, literary studies, and for his ardent defense of Catalan culture.

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Literature.  USA,  30/06/2019

Gemma Gorga’s BOOK OF MINUTES forthcoming in English

Imagine a book of hours condensed into a book of minutes: that is the project of these compact, lyrical prose poems. They locate the metaphysical within the domestic, moving seamlessly from philosophical speculation to aphorism to condensed narrative to brief love letter to prayer. In the space of one or two paragraphs they openly think about language, about existence, about beginnings and endings both large and small; not afraid to talk about God or love, their leitmotif might well be light.

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Cinema.  New York,  07/04/2019

Xavier Marrades's short film 'Misericórdia', screening at the New Directors/New Films Festival

Filmed around Brazil’s Itaparica Island, this oneiric documentary evokes the rich, complicated ancestry of Bahia—considered the African heart of Brazil—through the dreams of its present-day inhabitants.

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Language.  New York,  01/05/2019

It’s that time of the year again… Cafè català resumes at Columbia University!

As someone said, the Catalan language may have a small global footprint with approximately 10 million speakers. But when you learn Catalan, a whole new world opens up to you! Come and find out why!

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Literature.  Argentina,  13/05/2019

Barcelona, Guest of Honor at the 45th Buenos Aires International Book Fair

The program seeks to promote writers from Barcelona, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the region of Valencia and Andorra in the capital of Argentina; to improve the presence of Catalan literature in Latin America; and to strengthen the ties of cultural exchange between Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Barcelona will take a total of 78 guests to Buenos Aires, including authors writing in both Catalan and Spanish, illustrators, experts and artists. With the slogan ‘Barcelona, literary city’, the program includes a total of 120 activities, a large stand, a bookshop, three exhibitions and a concert featuring Sílvia Pérez Cruz at La Noche de la Feria. 40 Catalan publishers will participate in the Buenos Aires International Book Fair under the aegis of Barcelona’s stand.

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