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New York

Music.  New York,  11/01/2019

SHOES at the 2019 Winter Jazzfest

Alexis Cuadrado composed a 53 minute live score for the silent film SHOES, directed in 1916 by Lois Weber, a pioneer American female director, 

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Music.  New York,  13/01/2019

Lluís Capdevila and Lau Noah at the 3rd Mediterranean JazzFest in New York

After two sold-out editions in the past years at Planeta NYC, the Mediterranean Jazz Fest will be hosted for the first time by Drom. 


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Cinema.  New York,  17/01/2019

CUCLI by filmmaker Xavier Marrades nominated for Best Documentary of the Year on Vimeo

Ramon lives with his parents, although he is away most of the week working as a truck driver. These are long and lonely trips until he meets a very special companion that changes everything. Cucli tells a story about love and companionship after death and its transformative effect. How through memories, the supernatural can find its way into our mundane lives. 



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Language.  New York,  21/01/2019

Learn Catalan this winter!

Courses will start the week of January 21st, 2019. Classes will meet once a week for 10 weeks (2 hrs. per session), groups will be organized according to students’ availability. Location and times will be announced thereafter.


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Cinema.  New York,  22/01/2019

LA CHANA, screening at the National Arts Club in New York

With depth, humor and pathos, LA CHANA celebrates the charisma of a self-taught Gypsy flamenco dancer who in the 1960s-80s rose to international stardom and then suddenly vanished from the public eye at the height of her career.  Peter Sellers saw her dance as a young woman and asked her to perform in the film ‘THE BOBO in 1967. Hollywood beckoned, but that was not to be.  In her baroque boudoir in Barcelona, La Chana continues to practice her art and reveals the reason her career came to such an abrupt end. Filled with footage of spectacular flamenco dance and music, this film brings us under the skin and into the irrepressible spirit of this artist with an uncanny gift for rhythm who, despite all odds, enjoys a comeback in her late sixties. 

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Music.  Canada, US,  03/03/2019

Jordi Savall & Le Concert des Nations: Tous les matins du monde

Viol legend Jordi Savall revisits Alain Corneau’s 1991 film Tous les matins du monde in a stunning program of music from the French Baroque. The award-winning motion picture explored the often tense relationship between viol master Marin Marais and his mentor Sainte-Colombe, with Savall and Le Concert des Nations providing the crucial soundtrack. Over 27 years after the movie’s premiere, Savall has assembled some of the world’s finest musicians for an evocative program featuring music by these extraordinary composers and other French Baroque masters, including Jean-Baptiste Lully, François Couperin, and Jean-Marie Leclair.

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Visual Arts.  St. Petersburg, FL,  19/05/2019

Magritte & Dalí at The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

Magritte & Dalí is a first-of-its-kind special exhibition dedicated to the world’s two most celebrated surrealists, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dalí. Showcasing carefully curated, exemplary pieces from Magritte’s and Dalí’s works, the exhibit pushes back the curtain to reveal what lies beyond the simple appearance of painted images. These two preeminent surrealists opened minds to an alternative view of the world, constantly challenging reality.

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Visual Arts.  New York,  06/07/2019

Joan Miró: Birth of the World

“You and all my writer friends have given me much help and improved my understanding of many things,” Joan Miró told the French poet Michel Leiris in the summer of 1924, writing from his family’s farm in Montroig, a small village nestled between the mountains and the sea in his native Catalonia. The next year, Miró’s intense engagement with poetry, the creative process, and material experimentation inspired him to paint The Birth of the World.

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