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New York

Literature.  Montreal,  29/09/2018

Catalan Literature Invited to FIL Montreal as Guest of Honor

Catalan literature will feature as guest of honor at Montreal's International Literary Festival, which runs September 21-30. One of North America's largest festivals, FIL-Montreal merges various artistic disciplines, including music, film, and theater. With support from Institut Ramon Llull, the festival will host a cultural program including writers Xavier Bosch, Ramon Erra, Lluís Llach, and Imma Monsó, as well as musicians Muchaco y los Sobrinos, Barba Corsini, and Mireia Tejero, and the dancer Sol Picó.


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Visual Arts.  New York,  03/09/2018

Whose Language Does the Produce Speak? Conversations Between La Boqueria and the Essex Street Market

The project Whose Language Does the Produce Speak? Conversations Between La Boqueria and the Essex Street Market and its resulting exhibition in New York ask the participating artists to reflect on their creative practices and respond to this in connection to new food trends, waste and recycling, conspicuous consumption, urban development, and tourism and “touristification.” Similarly, it asks participating artists to use performance, film, photography, printmaking, and writing, as active platforms that can facilitate collaborations amongst them, vendors, and patrons; and even intimate rendezvous between the artists and the markets themselves. 

This project is presented by Artists Alliance Inc., FoodCultura, and Institut Ramon Llull, in collaboration with Center for Book Arts

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Performing.  Montreal,  12/09/2018

Quartiers Danses Festival presents Choreoscope: The International Film Festival of Dance of Barcelona 2018

Choreoscope is the International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona. Dedicated not only to those passionate about dance, but also to those who enjoy quality cinema. Movies do not know any boundaries. Dance does not either. There is a common language joining them: the universal language of movement.

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Performing.  Montreal,  24/11/2018

Roger Bernat and Mal Pelo featured in Montreal’s Agora de la Danse

Strap on wireless headphones and get up and join in – or simply observe – one of the great masterpieces in the history of dance!

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Cinema.  Montreal,  11/09/2018

Spain in Two Trenches, the Civil War in Color

España en dos trincheras, la Guerra Civil en color is a feature-length documentary in which, for the first time in Spain, original archive material from the Spanish Civil War has been digitalised to 4K and coloured to create a unique work that shows the Civil War as never before: in colour.

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Performing.  Jersey City, NJ,  30/09/2018

Catalan theatre-maker Maria Litvan presents PROLOGUE at the Jersey City Theater Center this September 2018

Prologue is a mixed-media performance created as a composition of moments - snapshots into the life and thought of French philosopher, activist, and mystic, Simone Weil (1909 - 1943.) As an actor prepares to play Simone Weil, he reflects on the mystical and artistic processes, and on the indispensable role of "the other" to bring depth and meaning to our experience.

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Performing.  Washington DC,  17/09/2018

Roger Bernat's "Domini públic" (Public Space), the US premiere in Washington DC

In a public square, the audience, wearing headphones, moves through the space answering simple questions with wordless gestures. As the performance evolves, Domini públic becomes at once a three-dimensional mapping of societal structures and an embodied exploration of individual agency and collective power. The spectators become the play’s protagonists as this communal ritual uses game-like structures to bring to life the nature and ramifications of our assigned roles. 

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Music.  New York,  26/09/2018

Alicia's Hands: a tribute to celebrated Catalan pianist Alicia de Larrocha

The splendid career of one of the most exceptional pianists of all time, Barcelona’s Alicia de Larrocha. The obsessive dedication, anti-divaism, and sophistication of a child prodigy that became an unparalleled performer of Mozart, Granados, Albéniz and Mompou. The only thing small about her was her size.

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Literature.  New York,  28/09/2018

Sebastià Portell Invited to Art Omi

From a pool of more than twenty candidates, writers Martí Domínguez and Sebastià Portell were selected for the two-month Art Omi residency in upstate New York. Portell will be at the Ledig House residency, in Omi, September 8-28.

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Thought.  New York,  28/09/2018

CUNY: Professor Jenny Brumme on Spanish and Catalan Schools and Linguistic Ideologies

For this seminar at CUNY's Graduate Center, Professor Jenny Brumme will review the policies regulating languages in Spain throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, focusing on the role of schools. Examining Catalan's revitalization as a written and cultured language, source texts will be extrapolated to analyze the dynamics of other languages in the Hispanic world.

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