Institut Ramon Llull/ Newsletter # 82

MARCH 2018 / NY, USA

New York

Cinema.  Amherst,  30/03/2018

10th Catalan Film Festival at University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst is hosting its 10th Catalan Film Festival, Catalonia Now. 

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Director Eva Franch from NYC's Storefront for Art and Architecture on the London Architectural Association Shortlist

The Architectural Association in London has announced a shortlist of 3 candidates - including the Catalan architect Eva Franch i Gilabert from NYC's Storefront for Art and Architecture - in the running to become the new AA Director, who will lead the direction of one of the world's foremost architecture schools and institutions.

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Literature.  15/03/2018

Lawrence Venuti wins Global Humanities Translation Prize

EVANSTON - Northwestern University Press and the University’s Global Humanities Initiative have selected Lawrence Venuti as the winner of the second annual $5,000 Global Humanities Translation Prize for a translation-in-progress of a global literary or scholarly text. Venuti will translate Daybook 1918: Early Fragments by Catalan poet J.V. Foix.

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Cinema.  New York,  07/03/2018

Los que se quedaron, a film on Catalan migration to Cuba

Using original footage from the early 20th century and interviews with surviving descendants and Catalan immigrants, Los que se quedaron traces Catalan migration to Cuba, a process that began in full force in the 19th century.

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Cinema.  New York,  07/03/2018

The Bookshop to Launch Isabel Coixet Retrospective

Isabel Coixet will premiere her latest award-winning film The Bookshop as an opening to her four-event retrospective at Instituto Cervantes. 

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Visual Arts.  Boston,  15/04/2018

Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995

Antoni Muntades explores monitor-based sculpture with Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995, shining a spotlight on a historical moment and a body of work in the history of media art that has been largely overlooked since its inception. 

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Visual Arts.  New Jersey,  13/04/2018

From Ibiza to New York, Aída Miró solo show in New Jersey

Spanish multidisciplinary artist Aída Miró brings the cosmopolitan spirit of Ibiza to New York while inspiring and being inspired by the global cultural exchange at the heart of both places. Her paintings embody the mysticism and spiritual life of the island of Ibiza together with passion for exchanging music and dance from around the world. In this show you can find portraits of mythological goddess such as Tanit, Persephone, Ganesha, self-portraits of her dancing butoh, geishas, pageses and portraits of musicians created at live art events in NYC, fueled by the energy of the crowd during live music performances.

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Literature.  New York,  21/04/2018

Alícia Kopf and Maria Cabrera at PEN World Voices

With support from Institut Ramon Llull, Catalan writer Alícia Kopf will participate in Resonances and Translation and the Power(s) of Language at this year’s PEN World Voices Festival. The Festival will also include Catalan poet Maria Cabrera with the Translation Slam.

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Culture.  Chicago,  30/04/2018

Jaume Ayats i Abeyà, Joan Coromines Visiting Chair of Catalan Studies this Spring at Chicago University

To sing together “a veus” (Multipart) has historically been an experiential way to build social groups. The aim of this course is to present this activity across Catalonia from the XVIth century until XXIst century, paying special attention to how Multipart Singing has articulated a large part of association and shared community life since the middle XIXth century. The Catalan example will be placed among Multipart Singing in Mediterranean Latin countries, where the phenomenon is shared with great intensity. 

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Literature.  Barcelona,  01/04/2018

Art Omi Writers and Institut Ramon Llull Residency in Barcelona

Art Omi: Writers (formerly Ledig House) is continuing its partnership with the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) in Barcelona for a residency exchange. For several years now, IRL has sent Catalan writers to Art Omi. With the support of the Han Nefkens Foundation, IRL is now hosting an American resident in Barcelona, following a very positive experience with the 2017 resident, Justin Go.  

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