Institut Ramon LLull

Grants for University-level Teaching

Grants to universities outside of Catalan-speaking areas to aid in the introduction or consolidation of teaching Catalan studies

With the aim of promoting Catalan Studies abroad, the Institute Ramon Llull has a grant programme designed for universities outside of Catalan-speaking areas to aid in introducing or consolidating the teaching of Catalan language, culture and literature in their curricula. These grants are primarily meant to cover the costs of contracting teachers of Catalan Studies.

Likewise, the Institut Ramon Llull encourages advanced studies and research on Catalan language and culture through support provided to establish Visiting Professor Chairs and Catalan Study Centres at internationally recognised foreign universities.


Universities outside of Catalan-speaking areas.


The following criteria are taken into consideration in awarding the grant:

  • The curriculum for the Catalan Studies Programme (degree of development and recognition, potential number of students, etc.)
  • The university’s economic and academic commitment to the programme
  • The university’s academic status
  • The strategic interest of establishing the programme with the university, in keeping with the Institut Ramon Llull’s  funding priorities (geographical location, academic relationships and mobility programmes with universities in Catalan-speaking areas, socio-economic considerations, etc.)

The universities must sign an agreement with the Institut Ramon Llull regarding the conditions of establishment of the Catalan Studies Programme.  The universities are responsible for hiring the teachers, who must fulfill the necessary academic requirements.


The universities must submit a formal request, signed by a dean or department head, that includes a description of the planned curriculum (short- and medium-term) and specifies the type of contract offered to the teacher and the university’s economic and academic commitment to the programme.

Applications must be submitted to, at least one year in advance of the academic year in which the programme is intended to go into effect. Upon consideration of requests for support, priorities will be established according to the available budget.


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