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New York

Cinema.  New York,  06/10/2016

The Death of Louis XIV featured at New York Film Festival

There’s even more to discover at this year’s New York Film Festival with the introduction of Explorations, a new section featuring bold selections from the vanguard of contemporary cinema. Explorations is devoted to work from around the world, from filmmakers across the spectrum of experience and artistic sensibility. Some films are delicate, others more forceful; some are contemplative and some dive directly into the heart of their material. The one quality that they share is that they are adventurous and exploratory, in the very best sense of the word.

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Literature.  Canada,  30/09/2016

Catalan Poet Eduard Sanahuja at the International Poetry Festival Trois-Rivières


Ara que tinc les hores davant meu

i em xuclen temps endins despentinades

i em deixen el record sense relleu,

ineficaç forat de foradades

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Music.  USA,  30/09/2016

Oscar Peñas, upcoming concerts

The duo of acclaimed jazz guitarist Oscar Peñas and pianist Frank Carlberg blends the precision of classical music and the energy of jazz with original compositions with Iberian influences. It is the smallest particle of an interactive group, an intimate setting where every note and musical nuance of a dialogue between two musicians is completely exposed and close to the audience.

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Performing Arts.  Upstate NY,  01/10/2016

Núria Serra Danza presents ConTrastes

Experience the world of dance infused by legacy, heritage, and culture. ConTrastes is more than traditional dance, colorful traditions and regional costumes. The performance loves and speaks of Spain; its traditions and customs through the symbolic elements of folk dance and live music through a contemporary prism.

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Cinema.  Hamptons,  06/10/2016

Short film Timecode, at the 24th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival

In this Palme d’Or-winning tale, two security guards share brief, enchanting encounters between the day and night shifts.

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Music.  US and Canada,  07/10/2016

Barcelona based flamenco quartet Las Migas, on tour in the US and Canada

Formed as a flamenco quartet in Barcelona in 2004, Las Migas now performs a repertoire of Mediterranean music, including lively Latin rhythms and pensive ballads. The members, Alba Carmona, Marta Robles, Alicia Grillo and Roser Loscos, come from four cities spanning both the geography of Spain and its cultural diversity – Barcelona, Sevilla, Córdoba and Lleida.

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Literature.  Upstate NY,  11/10/2016

Catalan poet Anna Aguilar-Amat, writer-in-residence at Ledig House

Since its founding in 1992, Writers Omi at Ledig House has hosted hundreds of authors and translators, representing more than fifty countries and welcoming published writers and translators of every type of literature. International, cultural and creative exchange is a foundation of their mission, and a wide distribution of national background is an important part of their selection process.

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Cinema.  Los Angeles,  17/10/2016

Requirements to be a Normal Person premieres in Los Angeles

Everybody tries to fit in, but few people go about it as methodically as Maria de las Montañas (writer-director Leticia Dolera), who hopes to reach normalcy through a seven-item checklist and a little help from her mentally challenged younger brother (Jordi Llodrà) and overweight friend (Manuel Burque).

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Visual Arts.  Miami,  19/10/2016

Enrique Baeza presents his project WORD PORTRAIT in Miami

Barcelona based artist Enrique Baeza presents for the first time in Miami a performance about the intimate power of the word. Baeza creates word portraits; a new way to portray people. Words can describe a person as accurately as a painting or a picture, even more so. 

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Performing Arts.  New York,  11/11/2016

Paper Dreams by Mons Dansa, at The New Victory Theater in New York

How many stories are left untold on the sheets torn from a sketch pad or on pages tossed into a waste bin? These lost ideas take the stage when Mons Dansa, the creators of Minimón (New Vic 2014), returns with the world premiere of PAPER DREAMS.

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