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Newsletter # 104


Music.  New York,  10/01/2020

Marina Albero presents: “A Life Soundtrack” in Brooklyn, New York

Join Marina Albero in a celebration of the journey of life through music. Marina Albero presents a self-release where you’re invited to feel the world through her experiences. Albero’s music has been brewed in Spain, Cuba and the US and it’s made of a natural blend of impressionistic, jazz, flamenco, son and early music. With a strong accent on the rhythm, her music has been captivating audiences and musicians around the Northwest since she moved to Seattle in 2015 where she has been awarded as Emerging Artist  2018 by Earshot Jazz.

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Literature.  30/01/2020

Lawrence Venuti's translation of "Daybook 1918: Early Fragments" by J.V. Foix longlisted for PEN Award for Poetry in Translation

Daybook 1918: Early Fragments is the first substantial selection in English from the prose poetry of the major Catalan writer J. V. Foix. The core of Lawrence Venuti’s edition is forty-five prose poems from the beginning of Foix’s career, supplemented by additional poems in prose and verse, prose fictions, and essays that immerse the reader in the heady cultural ferment of early twentieth-century Catalonia.

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Cinema.  New York,  18/01/2020

Bronko at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, New York

Ascetic vision about a being who detests the dysfunctional social model that this society proposes and opts for the way of self-destruction. Loneliness, addiction, survival, human sacrifice and a strong ideological component, turn "Bronko" into the symbol of the new contemporary redeemer.

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Literature.  USA,  29/02/2020

"Why, Why, Why?" by Quim Monzó, translated by Peter Bush, featured on The New York Times shortlist

In the Catalan writer Quim Monzó’s version of classic fairy tales, a prince kisses a toad and is rewarded with the woman of his dreams. Then he wonders what to say. "Should he suggest they go straight to his place or will she take it the wrong way?”

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Arts.  St. Petersburg, FL,  09/04/2020

Midnight in Paris: Surrealism at the Crossroads, 1929

When Salvador Dalí & Luis Buñuel’s film Un chien Andalou premiered in the City of Light, Paris was an avant-garde hothouse rife with artistic conflict and friendly rivalry. Midnight in Paris: Surrealism at the Crossroads, 1929 immerses visitors in this particularly rich and vital creative era by examining the works, friendships and clashes of Jean Arp, André Breton, Luis Buñuel, Alexander Calder, Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, René Magritte, Joan Miró, Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Yves Tanguy and others.

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Literature.  29/02/2020

"Bajo las olas" (Sota les onades) chosen by the New York Public Library as one of the year's best children's books

The book, written by Meritxell Martí with illustrations by Xavier Salomó Fisa, was noted for its "beautiful illustrations showing submarine adventures where one finds freedom without limits."

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FABER Residency about Feminisms

From January 12 to 18, 2020, Faber Olot will be the third residence on the gender gap from a variety of international perspectives (Feminism III) 

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Culture.  13/12/2019

Folklorist Michael Mason, translator Annie Bats and professor and translator Ko Tazawa, winners of the 2019 Ramon Llull Awards

This past Friday, in Andorra, the Ramon Llull Foundation handed out the Ramon Llull International Awards to people or institutions outside the linguistic domain who have worked to promote the Catalan language and culture internationally. The winners from the eighth edition of these awards were American folklorist Michael Mason (Award for the International Promotion of Catalan Creation), organiser of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival held on the National Mall in Washington D.C.; French translator Annie Bats (Award for Literary Translation), honoured for her adaptation into French of Llefre de tu (Ogre de toi) by Majorcan writer Biel Mesquida; and Japanese professor Ko Tazawa (Award for Catalan Cultural Studies and Linguistic Diversity), translator, writer and educator of experts in Catalan cultural studies in Japan.

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New York,  19/01/2020

The 4th Mediterranean Jazz Festival features Carola Ortiz and Manel Fortià

Escape the cold New York winter, let the artists take you on a journey and discover contemporary sounds from Athens, Beirut or Barcelona. Continuing to highlight a Mediterranean perspective on jazz, the Mediterranean Jazz Festival is back with its 4th edition, live at Drom on two nights, Saturday and Sunday, January 18th and 19th.

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