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Portland, Seattle 
09/12/2018 Gastronomy

Meetthechef with Albert Adrià

There are plastic artists, literary artists and Chefs who are artists. Chefs who has a gift that makes them contribute something different, new, innovative. That distinguishes them and make them leaders. Meethechef wants to recreate the most special side of this Chef who sets trends, submerging the Chef in an artistic environment surrounded by other geniuses, other masters, other artists.
Miami Beach 
09/12/2018 Visual Arts

UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami Beach features Catalan artist Pep Duran

Pep Duran's Backlot Constructions is a site-specific installation comprised of an eclectic array of objects that compiled together create personal maps and landscapes.
09/12/2018 Visual Arts

Dalí: Poetics of the Small, 1929–1936

Research undertaken upon the Meadows’ 2014 acquisition of Salvador Dalí’s painting The Fish Man (L’homme poisson, 1930) opened doors to areas within Dalí’s 1930s oeuvre worthy of further study; foremost among them, Dalí’s propensity for painting on a small scale. Dalí: Poetics of the Small, 1929–1936, is the first exhibition on the artist to focus solely on his small-format works. 
08/12/2018 Language

Back to school... and to Cafè català!

Come and join Cafè català at your university to mingle and practice your Catalan! Free and open to everyone!
New York 
05/12/2018 Music

Bassist Alexis Cuadrado's live score on the silent film SHOES, New York premiere

The score will accompany a screening of the iconic 1916 silent film Shoes directed by the American pioneer female filmmaker Lois Weber. Shoes follows the story of a young woman who struggles to replace her only pair of shoes, which are falling to pieces, while supporting a family of six with a deadbeat father. According to the composer, “the score is in conversation with the film across a century’s divide on the fight for women’s rights, poverty and ...
Stanford University 
05/12/2018 Literature

Dr Montserrat Lunati to teach a course on Contemporary Women’s Voices at Stanford University

Dr. Montserrat Lunati retired in October 2016 from the School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University (Wales, UK) as a Reader in Catalan and Spanish Studies. She had been a member of the Department of Hispanic Studies since 1987. Since then, Lunati has been made an Honorary Senior Research Fellow by Cardiff University (Wales, UK), and an Honorary Reader by the University of St Andrews (Scotland, UK). Her research, and her research-orientated teaching, have focused on literature and visual media ...
NYC, Pasadena 
30/11/2018 Cinema

Miss Dalí, a feature movie by Ventura Pons, screenings in NYC and in Santa Monica, CA

Anna Maria Dalí is four years younger than her brother Salvador and they adore each other. They will soon enjoy the great progressive atmosphere of Republican Spain, fraternizing with great creators such as García Lorca, Buñuel… A happy paradise which is shattered by the outbreak of European Wars, the arrival of the always mysterious Gala and with the astonishing worldwide success of Salvador, one of the greatest painters of the 20th Century. 
30/11/2018 Culture

CULTURE CATALANE: Catalan Culture in Quebec

CULTURE CATALANE is an arts season, an action to raise the profile and promote all the Catalan cultural activity that will be taking place from September 2018 to July 2019 at different venues in the cities of Montreal and Quebec. And ... this time we’re coming to Saguenay!
US and Canada 
28/11/2018 Music

Pau Alabajos, upcoming North American tour

Valencian singer, songwriter and activist Pau Alabajos will be touring some of the universities in the US and Quebec (CA) offering studies in Catalan language and culture with the support of the Institut Ramon Llull. The events will cover the history of the Nova Cançó, an artistic movement that promoted Catalan music and protested against Franco’s dictatorship in the 1960s and early 1970s, with songs from its main artists (e.g., Al Vent by Raimon, L’Estaca by ...
Venice, Italy 
25/11/2018 Archit. & design

RCR. Dream and Nature_Catalonia in Venice

The Institut Ramon Llull presents as Collateral Event RCR. Dream and Nature_Catalonia in Venice, a project about the architecture firm, RCR Arquitectes - recipients of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2017 - for the 16th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, that will run from May 26th to November 25th, 2018.
24/11/2018 Performing

Roger Bernat and Mal Pelo featured in Montreal’s Agora de la Danse

Strap on wireless headphones and get up and join in – or simply observe – one of the great masterpieces in the history of dance!
New York 
16/11/2018 Literature

Xeixa: Fourteen Catalan Poets Poetry anthology

During the post-civil war era, General Francisco Franco’s fascist government forbade the people of Spain’s Catalonia region from speaking, reading, and writing in Catalan, a crime punishable by imprisonment or execution. Throughout these years, the work of Catalan poets could only be found via the underground. Marlon L. Fick and Francisca Esteve traveled to meet each of the poets featured in this anthology, embarking on the long road of joy, pain, and friendship that is the work of translation. ...
15/11/2018 Literature

Asymptote Journal's special feature on Catalan literature

The Fall issue of Asymptote, “Transfigurations,” is now live, showcasing never-before-published work by some of the most beloved figures working in world literature. In its Catalan Fiction Special Feature, Asymptote presents celebrated writers J. V. Foix, Cèlia Suñol, and Manuel Baixaulí alongside emerging voices that represent the future of Catalan literature: Najat El Hachmi, Marta Rojals, and Neus Canyelles.
14/11/2018 Performing

Circus company "eia" presents inTarsi at CINARS Montreal

After eight years of an intense artistic and human adventure, the Compañía de Circo “eia” look to the future with excitement. Everything that they have lived together up to now has been extremely enriching and has shown them, once again, how differences can be (and surely are) an extraordinary starting point towards personal and collective development. 
Harvard University 
07/11/2018 Cinema

Screening of the Film Penèlope, and Discussion with the Filmmaker Eva Vila at Harvard

Once upon a time, in a little place in the mountains, there was an old dressmaker who would weave and unweave the clothes of an entire village. Nobody has been waiting longer than her. One day, Ramon returns to that very same place, his birthplace, to reunite with his people after decades of absence. But no one recognizes him when he returns. Not even her. He has become a stranger.
07/11/2018 Cinema

11th Catalan Film Festival at the University of Massachusetts

This November, the Catalan Studies Program at UMass is hosting its 11th Catalan Film Festival. It will be held from November 5th through November 9th. 
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