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New York 
19/05/2018 Visual Arts

Gustavo Murillo Fernández-Valdés at the Whitney's PUBLIC EVENT

The works presented in Public Event critique the ideological effects of cultural representation using a variety of means and methods, from installation and sculpture to video and painting. These projects find urgency in questioning a range of discourses, from gun ownership, big data, and education to political incarceration, ecology, and postcolonialism.
New York 
12/05/2018 Cinema

Blanca Esconda Agustí Presents Selling Your Script at NYC Independent Film Festival

You've got the goods and you wanna share? This panel will explore what attracts buyers to scripts, in addition to mainstream and alternative avenues for getting scripts produced. Jordan Gaches will moderate. 
United States and Canada 
11/05/2018 Music

Jordi Savall Tours Celtic Universe

The early music master Jordi Savall and Carlos Núñez, a champion of the Galician bagpipe from Celtic lands, will transport their audience in a cross-border experience between Basque and Celtic music, with Galician, Irish, Scottish, and Basque tunes with a modern twist.

Antoni Muntadas at Galería MPA

Antoni Muntadas will participate in a group show with other NYC-based artists at Galería MPA, including Dennis Adams, Victoria Civera, Santiago Giralda, Carlos Irijalba, Muntadas, Tony Oursler and Juan Uslé.
United States 
30/04/2018 Literature

Víctor Català/Caterina Albert Published in English!

Caterina Albert, whose pen name was Víctor Català, has recently been published by MLA Texts and Translations in an edition by Kathleen McNerney.
30/04/2018 Literature

The first English translation of Manuel de Pedrolo's Typescript of the Second Origin

This is the first English translation of a Catalan science fiction masterpiece. Manuel de Pedrolo’s widely acclaimed post-apocalyptic novel, which includes a foreword by Kim Stanley Robinson, tells the story of two children who survive the brutal destruction of Earth by alien explorers. 
30/04/2018 Literature

Lawrence Venuti wins Global Humanities Translation Prize

EVANSTON - Northwestern University Press and the University’s Global Humanities Initiative have selected Lawrence Venuti as the winner of the second annual $5,000 Global Humanities Translation Prize for a translation-in-progress of a global literary or scholarly text. Venuti will translate Daybook 1918: Early Fragments by Catalan poet J.V. Foix.
30/04/2018 Culture

Jaume Ayats i Abeyà, Joan Coromines Visiting Chair of Catalan Studies this Spring at Chicago University

To sing together “a veus” (Multipart) has historically been an experiential way to build social groups. The aim of this course is to present this activity across Catalonia from the XVIth century until XXIst century, paying special attention to how Multipart Singing has articulated a large part of association and shared community life since the middle XIXth century. The Catalan example will be placed among Multipart Singing in Mediterranean Latin countries, where the phenomenon is shared ...
New York 
29/04/2018 Cinema

'Sunday's Illness' and 'Black Label' selected for Tribeca Film Festival

The feature film La enfermedad del domingo/Sunday's Illness directed by Ramon Salazar (Zeta Cinema) has been selected to participate in the Tribeca Film Festival to be held 18th-29th April. The film, premiered  at Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama section, will be competing in the International Narrative Competition.What's more, in the Short film competition section will be feature Black Label/Etiqueta negra directed by David Vergés (Agosto).&...
29/04/2018 Literature

Lluís-Anton Baulenas at Metropolis Bleu Literary Festival

This year, Catalan author Lluís-Anton Baulenas will be presenting his work at the Metropolis Bleu literary festival in Montreal. Baulenas will participate in multilingual, French, and Spanish discussions with numerous renowned authors from around the world.
27/04/2018 Performing


Agrupación Señor Serrano, the internationally acclaimed theater company from Barcelona, presents the U.S. premiere of “Birdie” at the New Hazlett Theater.
Washington DC 
27/04/2018 Music

Jordi Savall Presents Llibre Vermell for Smithsonian Folklife Festival

With support from Institut Ramon Llull, on Friday, April 27, 2018 at 8:00 PM, Classical Movements will present celebrated early music masters Jordi Savall, Hespèrion XXI and La Capella Reial de Catalunya in an enchanting performance at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church entitled The « Llibre Vermell » of Montserrat: Songs and Dances in Honor of the Black Virgin of the Montserrat Abbey (14th Century).
25/04/2018 Language

Registration for First Round of Catalan Certification Tests Now Open

The preregistration period for the year’s first round of tests to obtain Catalan language certificates from the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) will open Thursday March 1st and will end April 25. The IRL certificates demonstrate the level of knowledge of Catalan for both academic and employment purposes (public administration, companies, institutions) and are divided into five levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 
Los Angeles 
24/04/2018 Thought

UCLA Celebrating Sant Jordi with Catalan Symposium

UCLA is celebrating its Second Catalan Symposium on Catalan Studies this year, and its events are free and open to the public.
23/04/2018 Music

Jaume Ayats Presents "500 Years of Catalan Singing" at University of Chicago

A presentation by Jaume Ayats, Joan Coromines Visiting Chair of Catalan Studies, professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and director of the Museu de la Música de Barcelona.
23/04/2018 Thought

2018 Sant Jordi Celebration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

For this year’s Sant Jordi, we will revisit Joanot Martorell’s work “Tirant lo Blanc,” on the 550th anniversary of his death and read poetry by the Amherst native Emily Dickinson, in translation by Marcel Riera. One student who is studying a minor in Catalan will also present and read her English translation of “El tren de Bagdad” by Manuel Forcano. Finally, our translation contest, now an Amherst tradition, will be dedicated to Maria-Mercè Marçal ...
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