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New York 
15/06/2019 Performing

Axaxaxas Mlö by playwright Xavi Morató, staged reading in New York

Alba and Bruna are happy together. Genuinely happy. But happiness never lasts, especially on a stage. And especially when–in that stage–there is a playwright reading the stage directions out loud, and when that playwright has to tell a story, and when that story has to be packed with conflict.
08/06/2019 Cinema

SIFF - Seattle International Film Festival features four Catalan productions

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIF)F will celebrate its 45th edition from May 16 to June 9. This year, four Catalan productions have been selected. Miriam Lies by Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada  (Mallerich Films Paco Poch, Faula Films, Latido Films), The Days to Come by Carlos Marqués-Marcet (Lastor Media, Avalon, Film Factory Entertainment) and Yuli by Icíar Bollaín  (Morena Films, The Match Factory, Galápagos Media, Potboiler ...
New York 
07/06/2019 Visual Arts

Homage to the Elements by Eugènia Balcells on view in NYC

This stunning, large scale mural by artist Eugenia Balcells represents the periodic table using each element’s signature light code. The mural is now on display in the lobby of The Martin Luther King High School Campus located at 122 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10023.
05/06/2019 Cinema

Chef’s Diaries: Scotland: the Roca brothers featured at SIFF

World-famous Catalan chefs the Roca brothers (stars of previous SIFF hits Cooking Up a Tribute and The Turkish Way) expand their culinary horizons with this delicious travelogue about Scottish cuisine.
New York 
03/06/2019 Literature

Francesc Peirón presents his book Me llamo Nueva York

Francesc Peirón, La Vanguardia's press correspondent, in conversation with Ana Nieto, will be presenting his book Me llamo Nueva York (My name is New York, 2019), a walk through some of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the Bigg Apple.
New York 
31/05/2019 Literature

Catalan poets in New York: two readings

Imagine a book of hours condensed into a book of minutes: that is the project of the compact lyrical prose poems found in Gemma Gorga's Book of Minutes, the first English-language translation of this emerging poet, widely known and loved in her native Catalonia yet little known outside it. Sharon Dolin, translator and an award winning poet herself, and Ernest Farrés will join Gemma Gorga for the readings. 
31/05/2019 Language

New edition of IRLats contest for Catalan students

As of this Monday 25 March, the latest edition of IRLats, the short-short story contest held by Institut Ramon Llull is now open. The contest is geared towards Catalan students outside Catalan-speaking areas in order to encourage them to be creative in the Catalan language. Participants may enter their stories from 25 March to 31 May, and they will be published on the IRLats website for voting. The judges’ verdict will be announced on 11 June, and the winner will get ...
31/05/2019 Language

Catalan Language Certificates

The Institut Ramon Llull organizes the exams to assess and certify knowledge of Catalan as a Foreign Language (CFL) outside of Catalan-speaking areas.
31/05/2019 Literature

The Catalan Poems by Pere Gimferrer

This April Cercanet Poetry will be publishing the first book-length publication of Pere Gimferrer’s poetry in English, The Catalan Poems, as translated by Adrian Nathan West. 'Gimferrer lives in and for poetry... His virtuosity shows he is capable of renewal and change without repudiating himself. Few authors can manage such breadth and depth.' -- Juan Goytisolo
31/05/2019 Literature

Gemma Gorga’s BOOK OF MINUTES forthcoming in English

Imagine a book of hours condensed into a book of minutes: that is the project of these compact, lyrical prose poems. They locate the metaphysical within the domestic, moving seamlessly from philosophical speculation to aphorism to condensed narrative to brief love letter to prayer. In the space of one or two paragraphs they openly think about language, about existence, about beginnings and endings both large and small; not afraid to talk about God or love, their leitmotif might well be light.
St. Petersburg, FL 
19/05/2019 Visual Arts

Magritte & Dalí at The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

Magritte & Dalí is a first-of-its-kind special exhibition dedicated to the world’s two most celebrated surrealists, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dalí. Showcasing carefully curated, exemplary pieces from Magritte’s and Dalí’s works, the exhibit pushes back the curtain to reveal what lies beyond the simple appearance of painted images. These two preeminent surrealists opened minds to an alternative view of the world, constantly challenging reality.
13/05/2019 Literature

Barcelona, Guest of Honor at the 45th Buenos Aires International Book Fair

The program seeks to promote writers from Barcelona, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the region of Valencia and Andorra in the capital of Argentina; to improve the presence of Catalan literature in Latin America; and to strengthen the ties of cultural exchange between Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Barcelona will take a total of 78 guests to Buenos Aires, including authors writing in both Catalan and Spanish, illustrators, experts and artists. With the slogan ‘Barcelona, literary city’, ...
New York 
12/05/2019 Literature

Catalan author Najat El Hachmi at the PEN World Voices Festival 2019

PEN World Voices Festival, now in its fifteenth year, is America’s premier international literary festival, attracting the best known writers from across the globe. Since its founding, the Festival has presented more than 1,800 writers and artists from 118 countries speaking 56 languages in venues across New York City in a weeklong series of literary events with a human rights focus. This is the second time the Festival features Catalan author Najat El Hachmi.
New York 
04/05/2019 Cinema

Les distàncies by Elena Trapé, film screening in NYC

Elena Trapé’s film about a surprise visit by a group of Spanish friends to celebrate the 35th birthday of their friend Comas, who is living in Berlin, is a reunion film in a decidedly minor key that is suffused with the texture of life as it is really lived. None of the friends are exactly where they want to be, and secrets, regrets, and resentments simmer just below the surface. As downbeat as it is, the film always feels refreshingly vital, due to Trapé’s attention to ...
New York 
03/05/2019 Language

The Role of Intrinsic Reward and metacognition on Language Learning

LAIC is home to many linguists and language specialists who are active researchers and well-known references in fields related to Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, Language Pedagogy, or Teacher Training, among many others. This monthly workshop series is aimed at the Professional Development of our lecturers and anyone at LAIC interested in language pedagogy. The goal of the workshops is to enhance the development of our Language Programs (Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese) by presenting, ...
New York 
03/05/2019 Performing

A staged reading of UPSTAIRS NEIGHBORS by playwright and filmmaker Cesc Gay

Without a doubt, one of the greatest and most ambitious adventures any of us can experience in life is living as part of a couple. A major challenge full of adversity and obstacles, the struggle is daily, the trenches are endless, and consolation for the wounds and scratches suffered is often scarce or unhealthy. Even so, inexplicably, we men and women keep trying. And that’s why I’m convinced that only with irony and a sense of humor is it possible to write about this tragedy, which ...
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