Marta Pessarrodona


February 11, 2006
Poets House
72 Spring Street, 2nd Floor, NYC

Catalan Poetry Symposium

Marta Pessarrodona was born in Terrassa (Barcelona). She is a poet, prose-writer, dramatist and screenwriter. She has extensive experience in publishing and as a lecturer and literary critic, and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines of articles on literature, culture and the arts. Her most recent collections of poetry include Homenatge a Walter Benjamín (1989), Tria de Poemes (1994), and L'amor a Barcelona (1998), the latter translated into Spanish by Alejandro Vardieri and published by Pen Press .  Her writings have been translated into English, Spanish and Swedish. She is also author of Mercè Rodoreda i el seu temps ( 2005), a biography of the renowned Catalan novelist .

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