Francesc Parcerisas


February 11, 2006
Poets House
72 Spring Street, 2nd Floor, NYC

Catalan Poetry Symposium



Francesc Parcerisas ( Barcelona 1944), poet and critic, lectures in translation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has translated from English, French and Italian into both Spanish and Catalan (Pavese, Tolkien, Rimbaud, Pound, Heaney...). He was head of the Catalan Writers' Association, Catalan-language representative at different European translators' associations, director of the Institute of Catalan Letters (1998-2004) and recently the Catalan Government coordinator for the Year of Books and Reading 2005. His collected poems ("Triomf del present") were published in 1991. His latest book is "Still life with children" (Natura morta amb nens, 2000).

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