Seward //


When we talk about up-and-coming bands that hold true promise for 2012, we talk about Seward. Atypical and spectacular, Seward is a visionary musical concept woven from traditional folk instruments; samples and effects; masterfully executed stop-start rhythms; driving, rageridden highs coupled with delicately-picked banjo melodies. Seward appear to ignore all modern rules about musical self-promotion, with no myspace or any other similar presence on the plethora of social networks available to musicians.

In fact, currently the only way to experience Seward is by switching off the computer and actually going to a gig. Seward's live spectacle is absorbing, intimate and bold. The togetherness of the band is evident, each of the sextet fully invested in this anonymous theatre, and lyrics are romantically solemn snapshots; nostalgic and moving.