Furguson //


Furguson hail from Gurb (Barcelona) and, despite being young, they are a pretty experienced band. They released their first demo, "La mort del bon minyó", a couple of years ago and it won them a bunch of good reviews and the chance to play some important shows like the ones that saw them opening for Oxford Collapse or Beach House in Barcelona, sharing the bill with Nueva Vulcano or Pony Bravo at the prestigious Sant Feliu Fest and taking part in the Primavera Sound Festival.

Shortly after that, they entered the studio to record their first LP, "My Friends Are My Culture", which was the second record ever released by La Castanya. The producing talents of Santi García allowed them to capture the potential of their songs to the full. Listening to the seven songs of their debut album, we can find a band that shows great taste in combining melody and post-punk elements. The results from this exciting combination would be somewhere in between HEALTH, Delorean and The Rapture.

Their potential have been ratified this 2011 in the three songs they included in the Split EP shared with Aliment. These three tracks retain the infectious drive that provides greatness to Furguson’s melodies. The rhythm section has won presence and both guitars and synthesizers are heard with more clarity.