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Dani Cantó

Evripidis Sabatis came to Barcelona to stay, although, at the time – it was 2004 – he did not yet know it. This illustrator, pianist, novelist, composer and DJ had left his native Athens to study abroad, though without straying from the banks of the Mediterranean. Once Barcelona had discovered his “Quixotesque” vision of pop, Sabatis quickly became surrounded by faithful “squires”. The result of this union was the 2007 CD Evripidis and his tragedies, released on the Touchme Records label. In 2011, Snap! Clap! Recs formed a partnership with the Greek label Inner Ear to launch A Healthy dose of Pain, featuring an even larger band, a crisper, cleaner sound and tunes and letters even more full of light and joy. 


Snap! Clap! 

Dani Cantó





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