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Though he has released few recordings, Ángel Molina is considered an essential artist in promoting and developing electronic music in our country. Acclaimed for over a decade as one of Spain’s finest DJs, despite his eminent status Molina has never bowed down to the established discourse nor taken the easy way. Molina is a perfectionist, a meticulous DJ with awesome technique and superb taste, a born searcher capable of fitting into a single set (the longer, the better) all the landscapes created by techno, house, electronic pop and all the hybrids you care to imagine, though his speciality is techno. His latest mix was released in 2009, since when he has put out his work exclusively on podcasts. Molina has performed at clubs, festivals and events around the world. In his acclaimed Wax Sessions, he gives free rein to his various passions, whilst his services are also sought as a music consultant at, for example, the Sónar Festival.


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Go Series (CD Mix)
Go Series (CD Mix) (2009)
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