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Inspired in Barcelona exhibition (BCD)

INSPIRED IN BARCELONA EXHIBITION, curated by Barcelona Design Centre (BCD), is a small selection of 17 diverse objects by companies or designers based in Barcelona from four main sectors: household goods, sports, fashion accessories and industrial. Most of them have won prestigious international design awards.
The selection aims to showcase companies and designers already selling their products or services in Hong Kong, so visitors may find them familiar. It also aims to be a powerful platform for those wishing to do business in the Hong Kong market and be introduced to a broad design audience during the Business of Design Week.

Make the most of Barcelona’s inspiration!

BCD promotes the role of design in the creation of social and economic value. With more than 150 business members, BCD runs programmes on design-driven innovation, creative entrepreneurship and design export, amongst others. BCD has organised the Barcelona Design Week since 2006.

Gemma Bernal

Rak Porcelain Europe / Serax

Product: Giro/Top Tapa/Clasp


GIRO: Is based on basic geometric forms in which different sized shapes of the same kind are somewhat arbitrarily inserted.

Eugeni Quitllet

Mobles 114

Product: Tube


Tube is a chair with soft shapes that reaffirms its industrial origin, with lines that inspire movement, humanization of the object and even humor.

Anima Barcelona


Product: Enobio


Enobio® is a wearable, wireless electrophysiology sensor system for the recording of EEG. Using the superb Neuroelectrics Cap, Enobio 32 is ideal for high-density recording research applications.

Stimulo Design and Batlle Group

Arzum Elektrikli ev Aletleri

Product: Okka


Arzum OKKA brings a novelty to the Turkish coffee drinking tradition and serves the rich taste of 500 years directly to your cup.

Shigeki Fujishiro

RS Barcelona

Product: Eiffel


Eiffel stool has been designed in a minimal manner so the structure itself becomes form. 3 legs instead of 4. It's just a matter of ergonomics and comfort.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec


Product: Losanges


With the Losanges collection, the Bouroullec brothers continue their study of simplicity and elegance, reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug by using ancient kilim techniques.

Jordi Badía and Otto Canalda

BD Barcelona Design

Product: Binaria Stool


It is the work of a doctor, Jordi Badía, and industrial designer Otto Canalda. It is not simply a stool, this is a seat with medical prescription. It is specially recommended for all those activities which are undertaken in a seated position but require mobility.

Juan Guadalajara and Daniel Montesinos

Dosnoventa Bikes

Product: Dosnoventa Houston


Dosnoventa Houston frame set. Fixed gear bicycle. Designed in Barcelona. Handcrafted in Italy. Aluminium 7005-T6 frame. Full carbon fork.

Miguel Milá

Santa & Cole

Product: TMM


A cross-shaped base supports a square shaft that becomes circular in the middle, allowing the shade to be moved up and down. A true manifesto of Barcelona’s industrial design scene.

Nahtrang (Dani Vila & Ester Pujol)


Product: Sasha Plus


Sasha Plus is a space filling lamp made of an inner polyethylene hard shade and a soft polyester woven lace outside.

Geert Slaats


Product: La Vie en Rose


La Vie en Rose lace shoe is one of the most recognizable styles of Grotesque Shoes. It is beloved for its originality, lightness and comfort. The straight and solid heel makes the shoe comfortable to wear all day long.

Pep Subirana

Textil Seu (Grifone)

Product: Canalbona, Bassiero, Infern, Eina


High-performance technical shirt, made of Polartec Power Stretch. It can be used also as a pledge next-to-skin. Flatlock seams. Chest pocket. Slightly longer in the back. Central zip neck.

Guillem Soldevila

Brand Your Shoes

Product: Model Barcelona


Brand Your Shoes original unisex sneakers. Red suede exterior combined with breathable blue nylon and black heel. White rubber sole combined with rubber caoutchouc.

ProDising - UPC


Product: M14 Dualflow Plus


The new hand dryer “M14 Dualflow Plus”, with its avant-garde design, is part of a new generation of energy-efficient models. Developed in response to the current global demand for eco-design and respect for the environment, it provides ultra-fast drying which results in large energy savings.

Innovation Lab Roca / Gabriele & Oscar Buratti


Product: Sink & W.C 'W+W'


The W+W is a clear example of research carried out by Roca to develop products which would promote water-saving in the bathroom. A sanitary product which combines the functions of the toilet and washbasin in a single unit, including a re-usable water system, that makes use of water from the washbasin to flush the toilet.



Product: Switch 'Detail 82'


The switch isn’t hidden away, rather it reaches out to the user with its concave-angled base which appears to float on the wall. The finishes are subtly appreciated from the side. Seen frontally they become a coloured line.



Product: Mossaic


Handbag made from nappe, with different finishes, smooth and embossed. Hardware in light gold color.

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