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Barcelona, Guest of Honour at the Paris Book Fair 2013 (March 22-25)

"Barcelona is a city-of-cities, like New York City, Rome, and Paris, and resembles them most in being a city of the imagination." Harold Bloom







Imma Monsó

Imma Monsó: As funny, ironic and intelligent as ever

The Fast Woman, her latest novel, will be published in French (Laffont), Italian (Rizzoli) and Hungarian (Holnap).

"I write to live. I write because it's a vice. I write to laugh. I write to reconstruct what I have lost so that I can find it again. I write to put things in place. I write to multiply life. I write to communicate better. I write to seduce. I write to love, to spark debate, really, I don't know. In short, I write for the same reasons that I read." Imma Monsó

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Sebastià Alzamora

Sebastià Alzamora's Injection of New Blood

Crime of Blood, a gothic thriller/detective novel set in Civil War Barcelona, to be published in French (Actes Sud), Danish (Turbine), and Italian (Marcos y Marcos).

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Josep Pla

The Grey Notebook by Josep Pla: A Must Read

The complete edition to be published in French by Gallimard (March) and in English by NYRB (November), 2013

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Miquel de Palol
The Garden of the Seven Twilights: A Postmodern Decameron

A novel by Miquel de Palol published in Italian (Einaudi, 1999), Dutch (MK&W, 1995) and German (Aufbau, 1999) and to be published in French by Zulma.

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Miquel de Palol
A Gothic-style Serial Killer from Barcelona

The Bad Woman will be publihsed in English by Pushkin Press

The novel by Marc Pastor creates a gothic atmosphere reminiscent of works by Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Bernardes Lesfargues
Bernard Lesfargues

The Ramon Llull Foundation’s 1st Literary Translation Prize Awarded to Bernard Lesfargues




Call For 2013 Grants: Promotion and Translation Grants of Catalan Literary and Scholary Works

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