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24/02/2019. Catalan representatives at prestigious Sundance Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival, held this year from 24 January to 3 February in Utah, featuring Catalan ...
18/02/2019. Catalan literature talks at the London Book Fair
Two different panels at the fair venue tackle Catalan literature featuring agent Bernat Fiol and wri...
20/07/2019. Pedro Azara to curate Catalonia's project for the 2019 Venice Biennale of Art
Catalonia will participate in the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale of Art as part of the Eventi C...
24/02/2019. 23 theatre and performance pieces at Temporada Alta Iberoamèrica, a festival that is more international than ever
Lluís Homar is taking Tierra Baja to Latin America and Guillem Albà will premiè...
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21/11/2017 Literature

The Institut Ramon Llull hosts a translation seminar of Catalan into Hebrew with six recognised Israeli translators

The Bernard Lesfargues library of translations, located in the Palau del Baró de Quadras, headquarters of the Institut Ramon Llull, will host next Tuesday to Thursday a literary translation seminar for translating from Catalan into Hebrew. The main aim of this seminar is to offer some initial contact with Catalan language and literature for a group of six Israeli professionals who translate from other Romance languages into Hebrew, so that in the future, after further training, they shall ...
02/11/2017 Performing

The Sala Beckett and the Institut Ramon Llull are mounting the first edition of the Seminar on the Translation of Contemporary Catalan and Balearic Theatre

The Sala Beckett and the Institut Ramon Llull are organising the first seminar on the translation of contemporary Catalan theatre in order to raise international awareness of Catalan and Balearic playwriting and to encourage the translation of works into other languages and thereby improve their internationalisation.
02/10/2017 Language

The beginning of the specialization course in Catalan Studies: literary translation

This Monday the specialization course in Catalan Studies (literary translation) gets underway, organized by the Institute Ramon Llull in collaboration with the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia and the Open University of Catalonia, with the aim of promoting the training of literary translators from Catalan into German and expanding the network of literary translators from Catalan.
22/10/2016 Literature

European Network for Literary Translation – ENLIT – launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Today, this year’s annual meeting for members of the European network for the promotion of translations saw the official founding of ENLIT, the European Network for Literary Translation. The network will support the continued development of grant programmes, in order to generate greater interest and visibility for literature, both in the countries of origin and at an international level. In so doing, it wants to provide easier access to the many different literary voices from within and beyond ...
06/10/2016 Literature

Translators take centre stage at two literary encounters organised by the IRL and the Han Nefkens Foundation

The Institut Ramon Llull and the Han Nefkens Foundation have joined forces to turn the spotlight on literary translators of works of Catalan literature into other languages, who are crucial for making our literature known worldwide. To that end a number of activities have been programmed. The first will take place this October, to coincide with the professionals attending the translators in residence, organised by the IRL through a public competition since 2007. This year there will be a dozen of ...
30/09/2016 Literature

The bookseller Paula Jarrin will be the curator of the participation of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands as guests of honour at the Bologna Book Fair

The jury appointed to choose the curatorship project for the participation of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands as guests of honour at the next Bologna Children’s and Young Adults’ Book Fair has selected the project submitted by the Taleia Cultura company, led by the bookseller Paula Jarrin as curator. The curatorship consists of assembling an illustrators’ exhibition that can be seen at the fair and another show that will also be held in the city of Bologna. The content of both ...
18/09/2015 Literature

Joan Sales’s classic Uncertain Glory will be in German bookshops on 28th September

This autumn German readers will be able to read one of the classics of Catalan literature: Uncertain Glory, by Joan Sales. A novel of ethics and ideas, considered one of the best books about the Civil War, Uncertain Glory will be in German bookshops on 28th September, published by Hanser and translated by Kirsten Brandt. 
17/07/2015 Culture

Creamap, the interactive map of Catalan culture in the world

It is possible to view all the work being done by Catalan artists around the world. This is the idea behind Creamap, a portal developed by the Ramon Llull Institute that allows geotagging of all activities related to Catalan culture taking place abroad. 
02/07/2015 Language

The Institut Ramon Llull is hosting the onsite workshop of the Catalan Studies Specialisation Course: Literary Translation

The Palau del Baró de Quadras, the home of the Institut Ramon Llull will be hosting the onsite sessions of the first Catalan Studies Specialisation Course: Literary Translation from 6 to 10 July. The programme is an initiative of the IRL with the support of the Universitat de Vic–Universitat Central de Catalunya and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. The purpose of the course is to further the training of literary translators working from Catalan into English and to broaden the existing ...
15/06/2015 Literature

Pep Guardiola pays tribute to Martí i Pol in Munich with the Institut Ramon Llull and the Goethe Institut

The former manager of FC Barcelona and current manager of Bayern Munich, Josep Guardiola, will be introducing the German public to the figure of Miquel Martí i Pol, one of the most important voices of Catalan literature. The poet plays an important part in Guardiola’s life and work and he will be reading some of his poems and talking about what the “people’s poet” means to him. The event, which will take place on 30 June, is organised by the Institut Ramon Llull and ...
13/11/2014 Literature

Anna Ballbona: “When you are able to devote a long time to a story you make things happen to you that perfectly match what you are writing”

The writer Anna Ballbona, who was chosen to make a literary stay at Ledig House in Hew York as part of the Writers OMI programme – which has the support of the Institut Ramon Llull and falls within the OMI International Arts Center – has returned from the USA with renewed energy. After three weeks living with other international authors, her new novel is beginning to take shape and she tells us how her experience in America also featured chickens.
16/09/2014 Literature

The Gothenburg Book Fair Will Host the Voices from Catalonia Programme

The Gothenburg Book Fair, which will be held from 25th to 28th September, has invited 10 Catalan authors under the title Voices from Catalonia, organised by both the Fair and the Institut Ramon Llull. This programme is the fruit of two years of joint labour. Last year the IRL invited a group of Swedish editors and translators to discover first hand Catalan literature and the Catalan publishing sector. As a result of the visit, new translations into Swedish have recently been published of In Diamond ...
New York 
15/07/2014 Music

Txarango, Mishima and Headbirds will be performing in Central Park New York on Sunday as part of the SummerStage Festival

On Sunday Txarango, Mishima and Headbirds will be the stars of a Catalan afternoon in the landmark Central Park in New York as part of the famous SummerStage Festival. The concert, organised in association with the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL), will bring those Catalan groups to perform on one of the most popular stages on the international scene in front of an audience of 5000. The name of the activity is Catalan Sounds on Tour and it is part of the IRL programme to provide support for the international ...
20/05/2014 Literature

Peter Bush: “For English-speaking readers, all foreign literature is a minor literature”

Translations of Catalan authors into English was the topic of the last Conversation at the Llull, held on Tuesday. The writer Najat El Hachmi shared anecdotes with the translator Peter Bush, who has translated a number of Catalan authors into English, among them Josep Pla and El Hachmi herself. The journalist and literary critic Bernat Puigtobella took the chair.
04/03/2014 Literature

The translators Stefania Ciminelli and Frans Oosterholt swap stories and share experiences during Dialogues at the Llull

The literary translators Stefania Maria Ciminelli, who has translated various works by Jaume Cabré into Italian, and Frans Oosterholt, who has translated the writings of a number of authors, among them Monzó and Narcís Oller, into Dutch, talked this Thursday during Dialogues at the Llull about their experiences in presenting Catalan authors in their own languages. The literary critic Bernat Puigtobella, who chaired the discussion, introduced them as two translators into two ...
26/09/2013 Literature

The IRL is warming up for the Gothenburg Book Fair, which next year will be spotlighting Catalonia

The Institut Ramon Llull will be present at the Gothenburg Book Fair, being held from 26th to 29th September, to prepare the Catalan focus that the fair has programmed for next year. The representatives of the IRL will be meeting Scandinavian publishers to present the work of Catalan authors to them and they will be making contact with the people in charge of Swedish cultural facilities and institutions. This visit “in situ” will complement the contacts that were made last July when ...

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