Performing Arts.  New York,  13/02/2016
The 44th edition of The Dance on Camera Festival celebrates the worlds of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance; modern and postmodern legends and discoveries; dances in Gypsy enclaves as well as explorations into artistic expression and therapy; stories from countries where female dance Is taboo but nevertheless practiced; and a spotlight on the exciting world of trapeze.
Literature.  USA,  18/02/2016
Centering around the sudden deaths of two young men in the Catalan village of Vidreres, The Boys is a powerful meditation on the centrality of death to our existence, the Spanish economic crash of the 2010s, and the loneliness of Internet culture. With its many philosophical digressions, Sala’s prose is reminiscent of Javier Marías, and its tautness is indebted to the prose of Roberto Bolaño. It is brought to English in Mara Faye Lethem’s beautiful translation.
Cinema.  New York,  26/02/2016
Jordi is a swimming instructor in a Barcelona municipal sports complex. He is professional, gentle, intuitive and affectionate. A child student is terrified of the water and Jordi attempts to calm his fears with an innocent kiss on the cheek. He is accused of abuse and in a few hours undergoes a traumatic, emotional transformation that leads him from innocence to cruel suspicion -- a life under relentless scrutiny.
Literature.  New York,  03/02/2016
Francesc Miralles' Love In Lowercase, translated by Julie Wark and launched in the US by Penguin Books. A romantic comedy for language lovers and fans of The Rosie Project, about a brainy bachelor and the cat that opens his eyes to life's little pleasures. “A delightfully absurd, life-affirming celebration. I literally stood up and cheered as I read the last page.” -- The Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick
Music.  Chicago,  12/02/2016
Catalonian composers bring engaging, boundary-pushing electro-acoustic works to Chicago. An exciting concert that brings some of the very best pieces from the 2015 SIRGA Festival in Flix, Catalonia, to the International House at the University of Chicago
Literature.  Harvard University,  22/02/2016
Professor Lawrence Venuti of Temple University will give a lecture on “Translation, Publishing, and World Literature: J.V. Foix’s Daybook 1918 and the Strangeness of Minority”. He will analyze the translation of poetry in a minority language, such as Catalan, from the broader perspective of world literature.
Music.  USA,  26/02/2016
Jordi Savall i Bernadet (born 1941, in Igualada, Catalonia, Spain) is a Spanish-Catalan viol player and composer. He is one of the major figures in the field of early music since the 1970s, largely responsible for bringing the viol (viola da gamba) back to life on the stage. His repertory ranges from Medieval to Renaissance and Baroque music.
Music.  New York,  15/01/2016
Guitarist and composer Oscar Peñas epitomizes a new wave of talented artists who are an integral part of New York’s flourishing music scene. 
Visual Arts.  Tampa, FL,  24/01/2016
Opening on January 24 and on display through May 15, Jaume Plensa: Human Landscape will feature indoor and outdoor sculpture installations as well as works on paper.
Global artist Albert Llobet through a series of actions, he intend to explore beyond the white discovering all the colors that balance within the white in contrast to other colors. In the perfect equilibrium between them a provocative, energetic, and robust textures are created.

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