Literature.  New York,  06/11/2015
“So much of publishing literature from around the world is based on friendships–knowing people and talking with them about books. The New Literature from Europe Festival brings great writers to New York year after year; awards prizes to such great translators as Philip Boehm; and introduces us to new authors and new friends. And, as Charlie Brown from the Peanuts says, ‘I need all the friends I can get.’ ” – Barbara Epler, Publisher, New Directions
Literature.  Portland, San Francisco,  28/10/2015
Two Lines Press announces the release of The Boys, from Catalan author Toni Sala and translated by Mara Faye Lethemm on Tuesday, November 3. Both the author and translator will be in San Francisco for a night of Catalan literature. They’ll be in conversation with Two Lines Press’s own CJ Evans.
Performing Arts.  New York,  06/11/2015
A play about a man and a woman who meet up in a playground and discuss random topics and issues in order to avoid doing what they are supposed to do: talk about themselves.
Language.  Montreal,  13/11/2015
Université de Montréal is organizing a first International Meeting of Foreign Language Teaching in Quebec (Rencontre Internationale sur l’Enseignement des Langues Étrangères au Québec – RIELEQ). This event aims to bring together teachers, researchers, professionals and students to discuss, exchange and reflect upon language teaching. The socio-cultural dimension will be addressed this year, a subject that continues to elicit debate and reflection in the scientific community.

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