Cinema.  New York,  03/02/2015
A living history of dance in Catalonia—home to legends like Carmen Amaya, the repository of many dance genres, and a region where dance has flourished since the early 19th century. Archival images, interviews, and reconstructions of works bring this rich heritage into the present. Directed by Isaki Lacuesta, and produced by La Termita Films and Televisió de Catalunya TV3, in collaboration with Arts Santa Monica, Institut Ramon Llull, and Mercat de les Flors. U.S. Premiere. 

Cinema.  New York,  04/02/2015
A trip to Venice is the dream of thousands but for Marc, his journey is no vacation. Instead, his quest is to meet the father he never knew, a rite of passage for a young man seeking to make sense of his own life story. In the process he discovers his father's murky past as he enters into the age-old labyrinth of Venice: with its temptations, delusions, beauties and its deceits... (THE REDEMPTION OF THE FISH)
Visual Arts.  St. Petersburg, FL,  05/02/2015
The conference is being held in conjunction with the landmark exhibition Picasso/Dalí, Dalí/Picasso, on view at The Dalí Museum through Feb 16, 2015.
Architecture and design.  Washington DC,  05/02/2015
CUTTING-EDGE SPANISH CRAFTS features the most innovative sphere of Spanish craftsmanship under a new perspective and the most contemporary aesthetics, and includes works by Catalan artists Ceràmica Cumella, Apparatu, Vialis, Enric Majoral, Cerabella, Marc Morro, Luesma & Vega, etc.
Visual Arts.  Miami,  06/02/2015
With this collection of fish I wanted to pay tribute to the traditional crafts of fishermen that work every day on the sea. Emili Armengol
Music.  NY, Philadelphia, Chicago,  08/02/2015
"Mr. Peñas, a crisp Catalan guitarist, has a new album, “Music of Departures and Returns,” that suggests a personal spin not only through the music of his heritage but also that of Cuba and the Americas.” – Nate Chinen, NY
Performing Arts.  Chicago,  13/02/2015
Phenomenal dancer Sònia Sánchez channels the subconscious depth of flamenco, raw and unadorned, in Le Ça, her solo dance propelled by electric guitarist David Soler and vocalist Miguel Angel (“el Londro”). A magnetic presence with an extraordinary command of body and rhythm, Sánchez creates a flamenco language all her own with her prodigious music collaborators.
Thought and Science.  New York,  13/02/2015
Stanford University professor Joan Ramon Resina will give a doctoral seminar under the title From The Renaixença to Independence: The Evolution of Catalanism from the 19th Century to the 21st Century for Graduate Center-CUNY students, as well as a lecture on Rejuvenated images of the past: The memory vs. history debate, as part of the Mercè Rodoreda Chair in Catalan Studies program 2015.
Visual Arts.  Wellesley, MA,  24/02/2015
The Davis Museum at Wellesley College presents What Does History Know of Nail Biting?, the latest multi-channel video work from acclaimed Catalan artist Francesc Torres.  
Visual Arts.  Montreal,  29/01/2015
Painting, tapestry, mixed media, audiovisuals and ceramics. More than thirty works of art in homage to the city of Barcelona.


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