Culture.  Glasgow,  13/11/2015
The LXI Anglo-Catalan Society Annual Conference will be held at the University of Glasgow from 13 to 15 November. The programme covers a wide diversity of topics including linguistics, history, literature and sociology whose common denominator is the Catalan dimension. The Joan Gili Memorial Lecture this year is 'Manuel de Pedrolo i el Mecanoscrit, una frontissa de la ciència-ficció catalana' presented by writer Antoni Munné-Jordà.
Literature.  Liverpool,  02/11/2015
Dr Noèlia Díaz-Viceo presents 'Fils d'aigua al cor', a poetry recital in Catalan, Spanish and English at the University of Liverpool. She will also discuss with the students what it feels like to be at the crossroads between languages and what writing in three languages means and implies for the creative process.
Visual Arts.  London,  06/11/2015
Architect and design engineer Francesc Serra presents the installation 'Lighthouse' at Bridgend Light Festival in Wales on 6 and 7 November. This piece, a spatial and musical composition based on this iconic type of building, will be the result of a week-long residency at Carnegie House. 
Cinema.  Manchester,  08/11/2015
The new arts centre of Manchester, HOME, presents films 'Requisitos para ser una persona normal' by Patricia Dolera and 'Tots volem el millor per a ella' directed by Mar Coll on 6, 7 and 8 November as part of festival ¡VIVA!
Music.  London,  13/11/2015
After the successfully bringing La Sra.Tomassa and Oques Grasses to London, Movimentos now discovers another outstanding Catalan band performing cross-over genre ska-reggae. With influences ranging from Mano Negra to Radiohead, Pepet i Marieta perform on Friday 13 November at Hootananny, Brixton. They will share the stage with Brazilian-British Tonzee; South-London trio Zonama and Mexican Borchi. 
Cinema.  London,  22/11/2015
The villagers of a tiny place in the Catalonian Pyrenees will do everything in their power to preserve their identity in history. This is the idea behind the short film 'In the Shadow of the Mountain' written and directed by the Catalan Neith Sentis. Commissioned by the Northerm Film School, the project has been selected for the Best Producer category (Laura Torenbeek) and will be presented in a shorts session at Underwire Film Festival on 22 November. 

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