Performing Arts.  London,  15/05/2015
'Skin in Flames' is one of the most outstanding Catalan contemporary plays. Written by playwright Guillem Clua, this political thriller is brought to the London stage for the first time in English by Bots & Barrals and StoneCrabs Theatre. This new production will open at Park Theatre on 15 May. 

Cinema.  Birmingham,  21/05/2015
The 5th Basque, Catalan and Galician cinema season returns as a window onto contemporary cinema organised by the University of Birmingham. The programme includes the film 'Tots volem el millor per a ella' with the attendance of its director, Mar Coll, who will take part in a Q&A with the audience on 21 May at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC). The season also presents the Basque film 'Aupa Etxebeste' and the Galician film 'Encallados'. 
Music.  Liverpool,  21/05/2015
Catalan Sounds are back: Núria Graham and Ocellot will perform at Liverpool Sound City, the largest international music festival in the UK, that takes place from 21 to 24 May. With a groundbreaking 2-day music and digital industry conference running in tandem, showcasing some of the most influential people from the creative industries, Sound City is one of a kind.
Music.  London,  23/05/2015
Catalan sensation Oques Grasses kick off the tour to launch their new album 'Living in the hol·les' with a debut London show on 23 May promoted by Movimentos. Having sold out all tickets to Barcelona’s Sala Razzmatazz where they celebrated “Sheep Spirit Day” at the end of last year, this band is going international and will also play at the Summerstage in New York in June. 
Thought and Science.  London,  13/05/2015
The Centre for Catalan Studies at QMUL hosts the symposium ''The Catalans: a ‘deplorable history’, an exciting future" on 13 May. Featuring keynote speakers from a range of disciplines, this symposium aims to review the history and analyse current social and politicals movements towards independence. Organised by the Centre for Catalan Studies and ANC-England.

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