Culture.  London,  27/02/2015
Barcelona Kaleidoscope opens a window on to Barcelona as a world city of culture. Three speakers will present views of the city's rich cultural landscape, its visual and performing arts, cinema and the history that has shaped it. Join us on Friday 27 February at the British Library. All welcome. 

Cinema.  London,  28/02/2015
An exciting year-long season of Catalan films, 'Catalan Avant-Garde' begins on 28 February at the ICA. Opening with Jordi Morato’s 'The Creator of the Jungle', the season brings films by Catalan's most innovative directors to your doorstep in London. Watch this space for more details.
Music.  London,  10/02/2015
Soprano Laura Ruhí-Vidal and guitarist Maria Camahort present a concert with a varied range of Spanish composers, from Lorca, Granados and De Falla to Toldrà and Mompou; this journey involving passionate flavors from the Iberian Peninsula will explore the touch of love, revenge and sorrow, with some insights of the Catalan traditional songs.
Music.  Manchester and London,  05/02/2015
Noise art rock trio Murnau b. come from Barcelona to the UK to perform with the visual artist Llapispanc in Manchester and London. On Thursday 5 February they'll be at Islington Mill Gallery in Manchester. The band will then come to London to play at the /i'klectic/ Art Lab on Friday 6 February and at Tipsy Dalston on 7 February. Murnau b. have played in several festivals and stages including Primavera Sound and have opened for Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo and the Dust in Barcelona.

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The Institut Ramon Llull is a consortium that comprises the Generalitat (Government of Catalonia) and the Barcelona City Council, and its mission is the promotion of Catalan language and culture abroad.

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