Literature.  UK,  07/02/2014
Els sots feréstecs (Dark Vales) is a classic of fin de siècle Catalan Literature written by Raimon Casellas, a leading figure in Modernism. The first English translation of this book will come out on 7 February. Published by Dedalus as part of its European Classics series, it has been translated by Alan Yates and edited by Eva Bosch.

‘Dark Vales is as as compelling today as when it was first written’ Dedalus
Culture.  Manchester,  03/02/2014
The IRL and FC Barcelona have signed an agreement to promote Catalan culture throughout the world. As a result, the IRL and the FCB organise activities related to both Catalan culture and Barça at various universities where Catalan is taught. The next event will take place at the University of Manchester to coincide with the match between Manchester City and Barcelona on Tuesday 18 February. The programme of events will include a conference by the Vice President of FCB, Carles Vilarrubí, and a concert by Clara Sanabras Trio, among other activities. 
Music.  Leicester,  02/02/2014
Clara Sanabras sound tells universal stories. A musical magpie, she brings her virtuosic voice and multi-instrumentalism to tales of love lost and homes flown. Sanabras and Harvey Brough will join forces with The Harborough Collective on Sunday 2 February for this performance of Songs of Spanish Exile. 

Literature.  UK,  02/02/2014
Fifty Love Poems is an anthology about love in its various guises, ranging from erotic love and tenderness for missing loved ones to the passion for life and writing. The Body's Reason is the first book by Maria-Mercè Marçal to be translated into English. A key figure in Catalan poetry of the post-Franco era, Marçal was actively engaged in the transition to democracy and the emergence of a feminist movement in Spain. Boths books will be published in bilingual versions on 14 February 2014. 

The launch of these two books will be held at Europe House on Wednesday 12 March
Visual Arts.  London,  06/02/2014
Shoreditch based Studio 1.1 launches the exhibition ART/Converters! on Thusday 6 Feburary including work by sculptor Robert Cervera among the 60 pieces donated by artists connected to the gallery.  The exhibition will be open to the public until 2 March. 

Culture.  Various locations,  01/02/2014
We can’t wait to share with you some of the upcoming events for March 2014. Click here to have a glimpse of what’s coming soon. 


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