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Newsletter # 113

APRIL 2021

Language.  SCOTLAND,  09/04/2021

The LXVI Ango-Catalan Society Annual Conference, announced

The LXVI Ango-Catalan Society Annual Conference will be held at  the University of St Andrews from 5 to 7 November 2021

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Language.  CORK,  09/04/2021

The University College Cork will host a round-table with emerging poets in Catalan, Basque, and Galician

On the 13th of April, Catalan, Basque and Galician literature will be present at the University College Cork through the voices of three outstanding poets: Àngels Moreno (Valencia), Beatriz Chivite (Navarra) and Alba Cid (Galicia).

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Arts.  OLOT,  09/04/2021

Selected projects for the Cinema Script Writing residence at Faberllull Olot

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Arts.  NEW YORK,  07/04/2021

Maria Delgado discusses Catalan performance and film in the 21st century at the Graduate Center - CUNY

In 2018 at the age of 83 Núria Espert performed in Romancero gitano – it is a piece she has continued to tour even during Covid. Maria Delgado will give a brief overview of the 65+- year career, from her role as a powerful agent for change during the difficult years of the Franco regime to her cultural importance in democratic period as an actress, director, producer and cultural commentator. 

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paperllull.  BARCELONA,  24/03/2021

Cultures and networks, networks and culture

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Arts.  BERLIN,  22/03/2021

Catalan Artist Mariona Berenguer, guest at Berlin's GlogauAIR residency

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Literature.  BARCELONA,  22/03/2021

The CCCB and Institut Ramon Llull to promote Catalan contemporary thought internationally

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paperllull.  BARCELONA,  17/03/2021

Paco Poch: «You always remember a good documentary»

Pacho Poch is a key figure to understand auteur and independent cinema during the last thirty years in our country. Being specially relevant within documentary filmmaking, Tolosa festival dedicated a retrospective series to his figure, edited in Gabriela Zea’s book 'Sobre el cinema documental'. An interview conducted by Esteve Plantada.

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