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Arts.  JAPAN,  15/09/2020

Nara International Film Festival features a spotlight on Catalan cinema made by women

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Arts.  BARCELONA,  04/09/2020

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona

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Cinema.  New York,  09/09/2020

"My Mexican Bretzel", "Correspondences", "The Year of the Discovery" and "A Revolt Without Images" selected at the New York Film Festival

The 58th edition of the prestigious festival will be held between September 17 and October 11 at the Lincoln Center in New York. The four films with Catalan production have been selected in the new 'Currents' section, which includes 14 feature films and 46 short films, representing 28 countries, and draws an image of current independent cinema with an emphasis on new forms and the most innovative voices. The section presents a diverse offer of short and feature films by artists working at the forefront of cinema.

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Literature.  Montreal, virtual,  16/09/2020

Catalan author Teresa Colom takes part in Montreal's Festival international de littérature (FIL)

FIL Montréal is a jam-packed literary festival that crackles with readings, art exhibitions and dance performances. Nearly 200 authors and artists from all disciplines and from all around the world gather in Montreal every year for the Festival international de la littérature (FIL). The events of the next edition of the FIL include readings, dance performances, musical events, roundtable discussions and exhibitions. Some of the events will be held virtually.

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Arts.  New York,  16/09/2020

Side to Side, Three Ways, featuring artist Manel Lledós

The artists in Side to Side, Three Ways work abstractly and all three use the repetitive element of horizontal stripes to different effect and meaning. Emily Berger’s gestural strokes are full of energy. Her horizontal stripes are accented with small vertical marks creating a rhythmic sequence with intervals of stillness. Employing a square format Manel Lledós’s edges are contained within the perimeter of the canvas. His use of straight and curved edges and varying size of horizontal bands, breaks up the surface setting up situations that play with a viewer’s perception. Kim Uchiyama’s paintings are inspired by the landscape of ancient Greece and its temples. Horizontal bands of the colors of these landscapes rest in the natural tones of the support, either canvas or linen. Yet, there is ascending movement and a sense of timelessness and space in these works.

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paperllull.  Barcelona,  16/08/2020

Catalan Urban Music

What’s behind the success of urban music in the Catalan Countries, with Rosalía as its international beacon? What are these artists’ relationship with the Catalan language? Luis Hidalgo reflects on these questions in this article.

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paperllull.  Barcelona,  12/09/2020

There are Stand-Up shows in Catalan in Barcelona, and it's big news

What linguistic register do the new monologues that are expressed in Catalan on stage use? What references do Charlie Pee or Joel Díaz have? What makes the use of our language move from a one-time resource and object of mockery to the central language of new comedians? Maria Rovira, known in the field of entertainment as Oye Sherman, talks about it in this article.

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