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Newsletter # 107


Literature.  Barcelona,  29/06/2020

Irene Solà, one of the laureates of the European Union Literature Prize 2020

The prize awarded to Canto jo i la muntanya balla (When I Sing the Mountain Dances) acknowledges the Catalan author as one of the emerging voices of European fiction.

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Culture.  Faber, Olot,  29/06/2020

faberllull Olot: Call for Projects

faberllull hopes to expand and discover new fields, participate in debates that provide keys to understanding the contemporary world and expand its area of action. faberllull has hosted residencies on diverse religious beliefs, feminist culture, robotics, the energy transition, urban planning, political science and new perspectives in education, among others. But faberllull wants to go even further and learn from the projects candidates propose to them. 

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Literature.  Vilafranca del Penedès i Londres,  02/07/2020

Fum d'Estampa Press, a new publishing house to feature Catalan literature in English

In 2019, a new publishing house was born, specializing in Catalan literature in English. Doug Suttle, teacher and translator, is the founder of Fum d’Estampa Press, which will publish titles of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Their vision is, “Catalan literature. In English. Beautiful poetry, inspiring stories, new perspectives. ”

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Literature.  New York,  25/06/2020

2021 PEN America Literary Awards Submissions

Submissions for the 2021 PEN America Literary Awards will be accepted from June 15, 2020 through August 15, 2020. Visit PEN America website for instructions. Any questions may be sent to

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paperllull.  Barcelona,  31/05/2020

Josep Carner and the European poetry of his time

For Catalans, it is easy to name Josep Carner the greatest ever writer in their language. But what does he represent within universal literature? Jordi Marrugat explains in this article.

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paperllull.  Barcelona,  03/05/2020

Four reflections on the value of linguistic diversity

The linguist M. Carme Junyent, member of the Endangered Languages Study Group at the University of Barcelona, provides us with reflections on the value of linguistic diversity in this article.

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Literature.  New York,  25/06/2020

Rodoreda recommended by The New Yorker

Mercè Rodoreda's works continue to be translated into other languages and are received with deep appreciation in the countries where they are published. At other times, old translations are rediscovered by readers of the new generations, as has happened in the United States with the most emblematic Rodoreda’s novel, La plaça del Diamant. It was published in 1986 under the title The Time of the Doves, translated by David H. Rosenthal. The prestigious magazine The New Yorker highlights it now as one of their recommended readings for this summer. In her article, journalist Jia Tolentino reflects on the effect of reading the novel: "I was transfixed when I read it for the first time, recently. I felt like Natalia: naïve, permeable, and keenly alive."

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paperllull.  26/04/2020

Paper Llull is born: a new communication initiative in digital format

The new project will provide specific weekly content on all the disciplines the Institut Ramon Llull covers and will be edited by writer and cultural journalist Esteve Plantada

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