The Institut Ramon Llull is a consortium made up by the Government of Catalonia and the Government of the Balearic Islands dedicated to the international promotion of the Catalan language and the culture of the areas in which Catalan is spoken.






Yorkshire, 13 – 10 -2012 // 10 – 11 - 2012

Miró: Sculptor. Events in October and November at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

To coincide with the Miró sculpture exhibition, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Institut Ramon Llull present two events aiming to enrich the experience and understanding of the Catalan artist Joan Miró. The programme includes the jazz performance and film screening "When Miró met the Duke" and the music and painting performance by Joan Baixas for all the family.

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London, 23 – 10 -2012 // 10 – 10 - 2012

Catalan Window at the London Spanish Film Festival

Enjoy some of the most exciting films made in Catalonia during the last year in all its variety at the 4th Catalan Window at London Spanish Film Festival. Documentaries, shorts, some unconventional love story, the latest, high tension film by Eduard Cortés and the awaited and disquieting thriller by Jaume Balagueró Mientras duermes...The Catalan Window, featuring 6 Catalan films and 2 shorts, is supported by the Institut Ramon Llull and Catalan Films.

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London, 10 – 10 - 2012

Raimon London Concert: Songs and Poems

Raimon, one of the most important symbols and exponents of the Nova Cançó, will perform on Wednesdey the 10th of October at 18.30 at King's College London. The London concert is part of the celebration of the 50 anniversary of this international renowned artist first concert in Barcelona.

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United Kingdom, 16 – 10 – 2012 // 18 – 10 - 2012

Seward in London

After their success at The Great Escape and Proud Camden, Seward come back to London with their atypical and spectacular musical concept woven from traditional folk instruments; samples and effects; masterfully executed stop-start rhythms; driving, rageridden highs coupled with delicately-picked banjo melodies.

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United Kingdom, 18 – 10 – 2012 // 7 – 11 - 2012

ATRESBANDES Catalan Company UK Tour – Solfatara

Solfatara: a term for the openings in volcanic terrain that emit hot gases which are characterised by their high sulphur content. We are full of these geographic phenomena. Orifices that allow our insides to come to the surface. ATRESBANDES was founded three years ago by Catalan actors Albert Pérez Hidalgo, Miquel Segovia and Mónica Almirall in Barcelona.

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London, 3 – 11 - 2012

Els Pets concert

Els Pets are a unique band in the Catalan Pop scene. Together for more than twenty-five years, they Lluís Gavaldà (vocals, guitar, and main songwriter), Joan Reig (drums and vocals), and Falin Cáceres (bass guitar) have made more than a thousand concerts and eleven albums, becoming a mainstay of the Catalonian music scene for the last three decades. Their album Bon dia (Good morning), with 125.000 sold, is the all-time best-selling Catalonan rock record.

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London, 5 – 11 – 2012 // 14 – 11 - 2012

IllArt exhibition

Nature and the environment have probably always been the main subject of art in the Balearic Islands. As we all know, these two sources have led to a broad range of outcomes over the years,but above all, they are often associated with a certain type of landscape painting that fits into an established and rather outdated pictorial tradition. Now, with IslandArt, the Institut Ramon Llull introduces the work of five artists who sum up the last few decades of creative endeavours in the Balearic Islands—even though Erwin Bechtold, Naco Fabre, Robert Ferrer i Martorell, Pep Llambias and Guillem Nadal truly stand for themselves above all.

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London, 6 – 11 – 2012 // 10 – 11 – 2012

"Forests" BIT Calixto Bieito

Forests is a new Shakespearean odyssey imagined by Catalan director Calixto Bieito, one of Europe's most prominent theatre directors, whose passionate and radical interpretations of classics have stimulated controversy and earned him critical acclaim. Composed from original verse from Shakespeare's woodland and heath scenes, the play takes audiences from As You Like It's forest of Arden through the moving trees of Macbeth's Birnam Wood, ending in the bare wilderness of King Lear's cliffs of Dover: a vivid theatrical journey from the calmness of paradise to the uncertainties of purgatory and finally into the flames of hell.

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Guildhall, 8 – 11 - 2012

Homage to Catalonia: Guildhall School of Music & Drama

The Guildhall School of Music & Drama in association with Associació Xavier Montsalvatge and the Instittu Ramon Llull presents three concerts of songs, instrumental and chamber music celebrating three of the most important Catalan composers of the 20th century, Montsalvatge, Toldrá, Mompou, all with significant anniversaries this year.

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