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Music //  TUNIS,  24/07/2017
Maria del Mar Bonet performs in Tunis to commemorate her 50 years of music
Music //  Holland,  20/07/2017
The Barcelona Municipal Band, on tour in Holland
Language //  Tarragona,  18/07/2017
Tarragona is hosting the International Seminar for Teachers of Catalan, organized by the IRL, for the second year
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Thought.  Washington DC,  24/02/2017

The 2017 Georgetown University McCourt Policy Conference debates on Regional Independence Movements

Each year, the students of the McCourt School of Public Policy organize a conference to discuss pressing and complex policy issues. The conference attracts prominent academics and policymakers as speakers and a diverse audience from the nation’s top policy schools, non-profits, and government organizations.

The Regional Independence Movements panel is part of the conference Feeling Left Behind, organized by  the students of the McCourt School of Public Policy and to take place from February 23-24, 2017 at Georgetown University. The conference is aiming at shedding light on today's most critical policy issues, such as A Broken Trust: America’s Voter Discontent; Wasted Talent: Millennials Under & Unemployment; Unwanted: Refugees & Asylees, and Degrees of Separation: The Story Told by Regional Independence Movements. 

By looking at regional independence movements in Scotland, Catalonia, and Hong Kong, this segment seeks to understand what policies have contributed to continued disenchantment and calls for independence and how this impacts international relations.

For full schedule (coming soon) click here.


Feeling Left Behind, conference

Degrees of Separation: The Story Told by Regional Independence Movements, panel

February 24, 2017

From 10:45am to 12:30pm

Copley Formal Lounge

Georgetown Main Campus

Washington, DC

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